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Azalea Forrest
The Underground

Dark Fantasy/New Adult
Paperback | 7016


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Azalea Forrest


Author: Azalea Forrest.

Book: The Underground.

Genre: Dark Fantasy/New Adult.

In the country of Lornesse, the city Anen harbors more than just high-rises and technology. Deep
beneath the architecture, unbeknownst to humans, roam incredible and terrifying creatures. The 
Underground isn’t the only place these people reside, however. Most humans don’t know that a third of their population are actually blood suckers and moon howlers, changelings and ghosts, disguised and living among them.

Ashai is a young vampire of humble origins just trying to bridge the gap between supernaturals and humans with her blood bar. She’s happy to deal with human, vampire, and werewolf alike. When an old vampire is rumored to have come back from the dead to build an army, it bristles the fur of many a werewolf. This sheds new light on the truth of past transgressions and the prejudice between their
peoples. Ash is unwittingly caught in the middle and must fight her way to find her own truths.

Released September 22nd, 2018.


The Underground was written by Azalea Forrest.

© Mathematician Records 2018. All rights reserved.

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