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Mathematician Records isn't just about the musicians. It's about the artists. It's about self-sustainability. We hope to spread the knowledge of simple living, gardening and green energy while working to support artists of all sorts in doing what they love.

Stewart Emery | CEO

Mathematician Records was founded in 2012. 

Now owning a plot in Nevada, we are raising money to buy materials for their new home. An interesting aspect of their new property will be the cultivation of bamboos and starting up a nanobrewery. They have plans to build a stage for annual music festivals and brew delicious beer. 

There are many plans and ideas, but any support and donation is a helping hand indeed.

  • We offer a wide range of audio production for music albums or film, mastering, album art and other possible sounds options.  Feel free to contact us with questions.

  • Several styles of psytrance and experimental live acts, booking worldwide.

  • Mathematician Records also recognizes the need to improve our planet by a conscious shift of lifestyle and education.   We advocate organic farms, renewable energy and fresh ideas.

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