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Azalea Forrest
A Bitter Drink

High Fantasy/Adventure
Paperback | 7017


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Azalea Forrest


Author: Azalea Forrest.

Book: A Bitter Drink.

Genre: High Fantasy/Adventure.

As the center of trade for the four major races, Bisia is the perfect city for a Dahlseid—a young race of plant folk—like Rowan to experience whatever his heart desires, and his position as ambassador for the Dahlsia makes affording those desires easy. But when he overhears a plot of treason against his people, all of that could end.

But will it?

My people can take care of themselves, Rowan thinks. The humans will give up once they realize the Dahlsia have nothing of value. Because all humans want is gold, right?

They’ll be just fine.

Full of magic and misadventure, A Bitter Drink tangles Rowan in the vines as he's forced to team up with a pacifist human vagabond, a deadly serious elven spy, and a cheerful dwarf with a strangely calming presence. Together, they're determined to put a stop to the twisting heinous plot that threatens to destroy everything they love. But Rowan’s heart isn’t in it: he’s a coward and he knows it. Joining them would mean risking his life, and to challenge one’s true colors is a bitter drink indeed.

Released November 5th, 2021.


A Bitter Drink was written by Azalea Forrest.

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