When the Mountains Turn Blue

Acid Punk/Noisegrind

Digital Format | 3021


Artist: When the Mountains Turn Blue.
Album: EP.
Genre: Acid Punk/Noisegrind.

Illustration by Seth Priske.
Design by Math Dealer.
Recorded at Mathematician Records Studio A.

Math Dealer - Producer, Engineer, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Synth, Vocals
Seth Priske - Analog Synth

01 With Every Passing Monument
02 The Last Gonzo
03 Rise Up To Your Plastic Gods
04 The Wilted of Wrecked
05 Quilted Glass is Sharper Than You'd Expect
06 Sunny Day for a Heavy Raincoat

Released January 10, 2020.

EP was produced by When the Mountains Turn Blue.
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