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Artist: Atmonoid.
Album: Transcender.
Genre: Downtempo/Experimental.

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Cover design by Seth Priske & Stewart Emery
Mastered at Mathematician Records studio A

01 Travel the Universe
02 Zen Distressor
03 Dissonant Ecology
04 Panorama
05 Language of Dreams
06 Adventure in Communication
07 Coral Cafe
08 Layers of the Past
09 Glass Mirage
10 Transcender
11 Return to the Space Age
12 Echoes from Within
13 Stellar Zone
14 Beach Freeze
15 Wax Faces
16 Habitual Alternation
17 Rhythm of the Heart
18 Last Moment

* Rhythm of the Heart mixed and co-produced by Math Dealer.

This album is dedicated to Stewart and Azaleah of Mathematician Records, based in Florida. This wouldn't have ever happened without the belief, help, growth, and guidance of humble and kind family friends. 

To the journey ahead and beyond.

- Atmonoid

Released April 27th, 2021.

Transcender was produced by Atmonoid.
© Mathematician Records 2021. All rights reserved.