Since 1998, Andrey played psychedelic trance in Ukraine and organized many parties and festivals in Ukraine. ShivaOm(ॐ) project was created in early 2005 by Averin Andrey (known as Dj Okujah – organizer of many parties in Ukraine, as well as the international festival, Misterika). The project has produced music in such styles: forest, psychedelic, goa, and chill out psytrance. In 2011 Andrei Averin aka ShivaOm(ॐ) also started to create art works in the style shown here, he organized the first exhibitions and made a shop with clothing that featured his art.


Shivaॐ has played at many festivals around the world: Spirit Ritual Dance 2006, 200, 2008, 2009 (Ukraine), Space of Joy 2007 (Ukraine – Russia), Systo 2008 (Russia), Kupales 2009 (Lithuania), Trimurti - 2008 (Russia),Misterika 2008 -2009 - 2010 - 2011 (Ukraine), Baobab festival 2012 – (Beirut – Lebanon),Transylvania Calling 2012 – (Romania), Misterika Open Air in Israel, Misterika Festival 2013 – (Georgia), Forest Family Events – (Brazil), Pow Wow festival – (Brazil), Grande De Famila festival – (Brazil), the Ritual - (Slovakia), Tundra Festival 2014 - (Lithuania), Kaleidoscope Festival 2015 (Ukraine), Vibronica open air 2015 (Ukraine), NYE Private Party 2015 (Ukraine) and others.

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