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Witch in the Lighthouse - On Sale!

Hey everyone! Witch in the Lighthouse is on sale right now until Monday night, 11pm PDT for only 0.99¢.

Get yourself a copy at this discounted price while you can, only on Amazon.

Full of magic, friendship, grief, and forgiveness, WIL is a pastoral fantasy described as a warm cup of tea. Join Maggie as she moves to a new town with a disdain for magic

The blurb:

Magnolia Hanna is a very ordinary young woman, as far as she is concerned. She is a witch from the village of Emelle, a hamlet hidden in the mountains. When her uncle passes away, she inherits his lighthouse in the coastal town of Lightview, where the villagers aren’t so fond of witches. In order to start a new life in this town, she must learn to get along with the townsfolk and find her path to make her own way far from home.

Lightview’s general dislike of magic is a curious thing, and the tale begins to unravel with the name of Basil Olivander, the last witch to live in Lightview in the last ten years. What could this man have done to make the villagers hate magic?


I'd love if you picked up a copy, and better yet, if you left a review afterwards! Reviews help authors immensely. Thank you so much for your support!


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