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Azalea Forrest, Fantasy Author

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Who is this person, you might be asking. What's her deal?

Well, I'll tell you.

I'm an indie author living in Northeast Florida. I primarily write character-centric fantasy stories, with themes ranging from Being a Better Person, coping with mental illness, and Doing Your Best. Of course, this list will expand eventually! Witch in the Lighthouse has been compared to drinking a warm cup of tea, while The Underground is a more fast-paced adventure through city streets and sewers.

I’ve always enjoyed getting into a character’s head and seeing where they might want to go, or what they might want to do, given the circumstances myself or others put them through. Building worlds and finding answers as to how they work or what goes on in them has been incredibly satisfying as well, though I'll admit, is even more daunting. I have tons more to learn, and I’m excited to do so.

Aside from writing, I adore playing video games like Final Fantasy IX, Breath of the Wild, Animal Crossing, and Stardew Valley. Even a game like Minecraft has been known to hold my interest for many hours.

I love watching films too, and I've been incredibly inspired by Ghibli, a Japanese animation studio. Films like Princess Mononoke and When Marnie Was There have so much feeling and life to them, and the characters are all so fascinating and real. I've rewatched My Neighbors the Yamadas and Kiki's Delivery Service so many times I lost count, and Nausicaa is not only an incredible film, but its manga (the Japanese comic) has so much more lore and details that the film couldn't fit in, and are all equally fascinating. But I digress—I'll make a Ghibli post for another day. ;)

One of my other interests...are cats!! They’re the best! I have two cats of my own, as well as a leopard gecko named Daisy. Patrick is my big bode-boy tuxedo, and Clover is my fluffy white girl. They’re very sweet and keep me company at my desk, though thankfully they don’t walk all over it. :p

So far, I’ve published two books, with another two novels on the way. I’m very excited to share my next novel with you all! But for now I’ll talk about what I’ve already published.

Witch in the Lighthouse is my first, a fantasy YA/NA novella about a young witch coping with grief as she moves to a new town that doesn't care for witches or magic. As she starts to make friends, she learns the cause of the villagers' disdain, and soon finds more than she bargained for when the cause gives her a visit.

(Buy directly by clicking the image, or get from Amazon here!)

The Underground is my second book, but my first full novel. It is a dark/urban fantasy about a vampire named Ashai who runs a blood bar, one of the few establishments that connects humans and the supernatural despite their masquerade. When her bar is mysteriously burned down, she and her werewolf friends find themselves at the precipice of a war that could ruin their masquerade forever.

(Buy directly by clicking the image, or get from Amazon here!)

Most of my presence is on Twitter, but you can find me at all of these places:

I also offer editing services: basic developmental, copy/line, and proofreading in the fantasy genre, though I’m open to other genres! Feel free to message me with any inquiries. I look forward to working with you to make your novel shine!

So, that's me. :) What else would you like to know?


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