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A Bitter Drink Release!

It's finally here! A Bitter Drink is officially out in the world. 😊 If you're a fan of fantasy with familiar themes but with unique twists, and the biggest focus on the characters themselves, you're gonna wanna read this! I've been waiting a long time, and working extensively, to get A Bitter Drink into the hands of readers, and I am so thrilled to finally be at the dawn of its release. I am so humbled and awed by my fans, friends, and readers. Thank you for helping make this possible!

A Bitter Drink is now available in ebook and paperback formats, with hardcover to come soon!

So, what's A Bitter Drink about?

A Bitter Drink is a high fantasy/adventure novel featuring Rowan Moss, a hedonistic lush as the acting ambassador for his people: the Dahlsia.

A relatively new race, these plantfolk reside to the southeast of the Liacris continent in an extensive jungle called Gresha. Their leader and 'mother', Gwendolyn, resides as the center tree of their village, protecting, comforting, and teaching her children after finally setting down roots.

But ABD takes place in the human capital, Bisia, where Rowan has grown bored of his monotonous role, more inspired by the goings-on of a local tavern, The Cedar Swill, and the people who frequent there.

When Rowan overhears a threat to his people, instead of taking up arms or revealing the treason to the king and queen, the Dahlsia chooses instead to blackmail the fiend as a way of getting more of what he wants. Because really, his mother can handle it, and nothing is really going to happen, right? Gresha has nothing of value. Right?

Of course, things don't go Rowan's way, and his life is thrown upside-down as he flees from the castle. Full of magic and misadventure, A Bitter Drink tangles Rowan in the vines as he's forced to team up with a pacifist human vagabond, a deadly serious elven spy, and a cheerful dwarf with a strangely calming presence. Together, they're determined to put a stop to the twisting heinous plot that threatens to destroy everything they love. But Rowan’s heart isn’t in it: he’s a coward and he knows it. Joining them would mean risking his life, and to challenge one’s true colors is a bitter drink indeed.


Here are some recent reviews...

2020 and 2021 have been such difficult years, and not just for me but for so many people. So it's a great sense of relief to get A Bitter Drink out there, to see people enjoying it, and to see what the future now will bring.

If you snag a copy of A Bitter Drink, please consider leaving a review! Reviews help both readers and authors with reach and accessibility.

A Bitter Drink should be available across all Amazon markets. Here are the links to the US, UK, and Canadian markets below!

US Ebook: Amazon US Paperback: Amazon UK Ebook: Amazon UK Paperback: Amazon CA Ebook: Amazon CA Paperback: Amazon

A Bitter Drink is on extended distribution, so if Amazon is not your preferred vendor, you will eventually be able to purchase from Barnes and Noble and other retailers, though currently Amazon is the best way to support me. You can also request for your local library to carry my books! I plan to carry an inventory at some point and will be offering signed copies, but things have been really crazy financially/lifewise, so I do not plan on doing this until next year. However, I still have an inventory of Witch in the Lighthouse and The Underground for those interested!

I ALSO plan on releasing an A Bitter Drink bookmark in the near future! I will be offering a free bookmark with every signed copy purchase, but they will be available to purchase separately as well for those interested. As soon as everything settles down, I'll be revealing dates and links, etc.


As always, you can find me on Twitter: @aforrestwrites You can also reach me through my contact page and my bio link! I also have a Buy Me a Coffee and a Ko-Fi where you can donate tips. Thank you, everyone!


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