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A Bitter Drink Annoucement

Hey everybody! If you haven't already seen the rounds on social media, especially Twitter, have I got some news for you. A Bitter Drink, my upcoming high fantasy novel, has a release date and a cover reveal! How exciting!

For those unfamiliar with A Bitter Drink, the general premise is this: A plantfolk named Rowan overhears a peer planning treason. Hedonistic and greedy from living in wealth, he plans blackmail rather than anything productive. When his plan goes awry, he has to make a choice. Set aside his selfish ways and help his people, and the kingdom as a whole, or be cast out, and watch the kingdom fall into the hands of a madman.


That's right. A Bitter Drink releases November 5th, 2021!

What do you think of the cover? I'm so happy with how it came out. A bit of a fairy tale/Legend of Zelda feel in appearance, and then the wine, gold, and dagger to really pull the theme of the story together. It's crisp and clean, and completed by Math Graphics & Audio. For the print copy, I'll be printing on matte. 😊 I received a proof copy last week, and it looks so good!

Pre-orders for the ebook are up on Amazon now, and you can order one here. The physical book won't be available for sale until release date, so hold tight until then! I'll be offering signed copies for those interested as well.

I am so excited for this release, and for you all to read this story. Rowan has been a near and dear character to my heart for years now. He is no hero: selfish, cowardly, hedonistic. He just wants to enjoy life, have a good time, and maybe he'll do his duties as ambassador here and there. But what about a drink? What about a fancy meal? Humans are fascinating, so different from his own people, the Dahlsia, who seem to only know peace and good will. I hope you all enjoy reading his journey.


For those book reviewers out there, I have a request!

I'm on the lookout for ARC reviewers!

What is an ARC, you may ask:

An ARC is an Advance Review Copy, with the intent to garner reviews from readers around the release date of the book. My hope is for A Bitter Drink to get a buzz on social media, blogs, and review sites like Amazon, Goodreads, StoryGraph and the like. ARC reviewers get to read the book (though it may not be the final version) well ahead of the general public, and for free!

If you're interested in joining my ARC team, please visit my StoryOrigin page where you can request a copy: here! As the book doesn't release until November, you still have two months to read and write up a review. Thank you so much for your interest, and I hope to see you over on StoryOrigin!


Happy reading! If you have any questions about the ARCs, A Bitter Drink, or anything at all, really, feel free to comment or contact me directly. For future updates and blog posts, please follow my blog! If you liked this post, please like and share. As always, you can catch updates early by supporting me on Buy Me a Coffee. Thanks again, everyone! I value your support and encouragement!


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