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Artist: Balagan.

Album: Pampaparam.
Genre: Suomisaundi.

01 Mushroom Fiesta
02 25 Gnomes
03 Pampaparam
04 Amerika
05 Balaganishe
06 Poyizdka
07 Finska Durka Minor

08 KyKy

In 2008 after the festival Magic Dew 2, which was organized by Misterika Family, the line up consisted mostly of Finnish artists. Averin Andrey (aka ShivaOm) created another project mixing Suomi, funky and psychedelic styles. The project was called "BALAGAN" and was performed at many parties and festivals in Ukraine between 2008 and 2014 with only one release on the compilation, "VA Magic Dew".

Magic Dew Link 1 Magic Dew Link 2

After 2014, Andrey decided to end the project and didn't perform under this name again. In 2017, all the unreleased tracks were offered to be released on the American label Mathematician Records and soon after Andrey agreed and passed on all the tracks that were found on old hard disks.

Suomi lovers will appreciate this, it is not an ordinary cocktail!  
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I am very glad that my music was given a chance to be heard, even after such a long pause. I hope you like it and add it to your collection!

- Balagan Proj

Released November 4, 2017​.

Pampaparam was produced by Balagan. 
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