Manifesto EP

Florence Manifesto


Digital Format | 5015

Artist: Florence Manifesto.
Album: Manifesto EP.
Genre: Punk/Emo/Experimental. 

01 Intro 
02 Firewater, Dance Dance The Night Away 
03 Fives and Sevens 
04 Don’t Write This Down 
05 White Lines 
06 Flip The Switch, Hit The Button

Recorded at Gobias Studios. 
Sound engineer; Jay Snyder. 
Band Members; 
Mike Porcelli - Guitar, backup vocals. 
Mike Baish - Bass, backup vocals.
Stewart Emery - Lead vocals.
Jeff Walsh - Percussion.
Brad Eiser - Guitar, extra backup vocals.

Released November 11, 2008.

Manifesto EP was produced by Jay Snyder & Florence Manifesto. 
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