Lost Computations of 2009

Math Dealer


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Artist: Math Dealer.
Album: The Lost Computations of 2009.
Genre: Experimental/Psytrance/IDM

WARNING: This album contains recovered material where the mix and arrangement couldn't be altered. This includes: over-compression, redundant parts, bad mixing, but also some memorable ideas that I'm happy didn't get completely absorbed back to the source.

Cover illustrations by Seth Priske.

01 Please Hold This Right Now
02 Victory and Battle (FF7 Remix)
03 Pristine Colors of a Wasteland
04 Number Within a Number
05 Batch of Time
06 Amaranthine Cloverleaf
07 Mouth Words
08 Pointless Countings
09 Died and Can't Protect Defamation of Character
10 Old World Order
11 Divers of the New Curriculum
12 Dealing Math is Good Math Dealing
13 Wind Break
14 Over and Over Again
15 All You Do is Inhale and Exhale
16 All Viral
17 Elephantine Lies of the Institutions
18 Fire Harmonic
19 Liquid Harmonic part 1
20 Liquid Harmonic part 2
21 Liquid Harmonic part 3
22 Liquid Harmonic part 4
23 Liquid Harmonic part 5

Released October 17, 2019.

The Lost Computations of 2009 was produced by Math Dealer.
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