Diary From a Past Life
Math Dealer


Digital Format | 1027


Artist: Math Dealer. 
Album: Diary From a Past Life.
Genre: Experimental/Psytrance/IDM.


Every so many years, Math Dealer's body must die. After some moments of silence, he is able to live again in a new reptilian humanoid life form.

01 Aleph Null
02 Legendre Function
03 Archimedean Solid
04 Limit Involving Infinity
05 Magnetostratigraphy
06 Condenser Discharge Transformation (Intermission)
07 Shulba Sutras
08 Voltaic Arc
09 Pitchfork Bifurcation
10 Angular Momentum
11 Natural Logarithm
12 Discrete Dynamical System

Released January 13, 2018.

Diary From a Past Life was produced by Math Dealer. 
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