and Juliet is the Sun
Dancers' Kryptonite
Digital Format | 1041


Artist: and Juliet is the Sun.

Album: Dancers' Kryptonite.

Genre: Jazz/Noise/Punk.


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Cover art by Stewart Emery.

Recorded and Mastered at Mathematician Records studio A.​


Lou Kelly - Additional Guitar - Track 2 & 7.

Faris Zgonić - Additional Guitar - Track 10.


01 Engullir

02 El Orden

03 Stairs Only Help When Going Vertically

04 Circo del Prado

05 Sunday Joy Ride

06 A Baker's Cousin

07 Right Near the Beach, Boyee

08 With Love, I Send

09 Snitches Get Stitches or End Up in Ditches

10 Mi Deseo Pagano


12 Cuando las Montañas se Vuelven Azules

13 When in Rome, New York

14 It's Brick Outside


Released December 15th, 2021.​


Dancers' Kryptonite was produced by and Juliet is the Sun.

© Mathematician Records 2021. All rights reserved.