Avell Goodbud

Beltran Budragon

Indica Sativa

Jimbo Stone

Avell, like many others his age, is still in the process of finding himself, which is, to say, tacking down the tenets of his identity beyond the juvenile labels he clung to as a teenager. He recently began partaking in the herb after reuniting with his father, Dr. Gene Goodbud, a professor of pharmacology at an unaccredited university for bud cultivators. Seeing bud as the ticket to escape his previously sheltered life, he instantly takes a shine to the miraculous plant and devotes himself to mastering its many intricacies. Currently, he is on a pilgrimage to the sacred grottos and ruined temples of his homeland, the Isle of Califia, in order to develop and understand his abilities as a Green Thumb.


Beltran just wants to live a peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, Dopenheimer, to the west. Originally a resident of the southern province of Motalzán, he moved to the Isle of Califia with his family at the young age of three. It wasn't long before he met Avell, his next-door neighbor, and the two quickly became best buds. Unlike the former, Beltran tends to pursue a calm and collected approach to most situations, losing his natural cool only when he thinks his friends can do better. Many turn to him for his uncanny sense of wisdom and random sense of humor, though beneath his prankster persona lies a deep and sensitive soul.


Acolyte of the Budhaven Bohemians, a nomadic sect dedicated to worshipping the Mother Goddess and implementing her precepts in society. Indica works tirelessly to help people around her learn about self-awareness and sustainable living, and though she sometimes gets frustrated when people just don't understand, her vision to build a better world as nature intended keeps her spirit strong. But also like nature, Indica also has a destructive and even nihilistic side, or at least that's how it seems until she fully expresses what she's going through in order to bring back the warmth and sunshine.


Lone human resident of the  Weedswood, one of the only forests on the Isle of Califia. Jimbo claims that he smoked too much to remember what his life was like before leaving civilization, but judging by his friendliness and well-kept appearance, he hasn't been out there long. He joined Avell on his quest after falling madly in love with Indica, and it is only recently that they've begun a dating relationship.


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